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At ALTITUDE, we're reshaping the way you hear with our cutting-edge, software-driven solutions, making perfect listening accessible to all. We're thrilled to unveil the ALTITUDE Hearing Test, the industry's premier calibrated HD test. When paired with ARIA, you receive unparalleled, lossless, high-resolution hearing refinement tailored to your unique auditory profile. ARIA employs advanced signal processing and proprietary algorithms to enhance audio from your devices, delivering an impeccable auditory experience. With both ARIA and ARIA Reference Edition, you're empowered to select any audio source, choose any device, and dive into transformative listening across every sound landscape.

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ALTITUDE Hearing Test

Complete the calibrated HD ALTITUDE Hearing Test to discover how ARIA hearing refinement can benefit you

ARIA Technology

ARIA brings unparalleled lossless, high-resolution, personalized hearing refinement for any device and source

Listen with Perfection

Experience your music to perfection with ALTITUDE Player+ARIA on mobile or with ARIA Reference Edition

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Unlock the power of barrier-free hearing with Altitude. Our groundbreaking technology is now available for purchase, bringing you a personalized hearing experience like never before. Sign up today to be among the first to access ARIA in 2024 and elevate your auditory world.

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Coming in Q2 2024


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