Free HD Hearing Test

The HD Hearing Test utilizes a process like an audiogram to detect your hearing threshold at 37 different frequencies between 125Hz and 20kHz over 15 minutes.  Available for free on iOS and Android, it enables you to map your full-spectrum hearing profile using the earbuds or headphones you already own. We strongly recommend testing with an approved, calibrated device for optimal results.

Your test results provide informative insight into your hearing abilities, but their primarily intended for use in calibrating your listening experience for your hearing profile with ARIA, our High-Resolution Sound Personalization software.

Coming in Q2 2024.

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Test Results

Unlike traditional audiograms that use a specific type of decibel measurement reflecting hearing loss, our HD Hearing Test results are presented in a straightforward decibel scale. This approach keeps our results consistent with advanced audio processing techniques and allows us to show an ideal hearing curve in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

While our method is different, it aligns closely with standard hearing tests. We are also planning to include the conventional hearing loss measurements in future reports for those familiar with that format.

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What you get

Start your hearing test at any time and pause whenever needed—your progress is automatically saved. Whether you complete the full test or conclude early, you'll receive interactive graphical displays of your results directly within the app. For a more detailed analysis, you can email yourself a comprehensive report that includes additional insights not shown in the app. This report also contains tabulated test results for easy reference.

How to use your results

Your results are best utilized with sound personalization software, such as ARIA Reference Edition. Simply sign into ARIA Reference Edition on desktop, and your results will populate the software when ARIA releases in Q2 2024.

Viewing your results, saving them for future review, and discussing them with others are also probable uses.


The HD Hearing Test uses your earbuds or headphones to measure hearing thresholds by delivering sounds at various frequencies, up to the device’s maximum output. Not hearing a tone doesn't necessarily mean you can't hear that frequency—it may simply be due to the device's volume limitations. This test includes frequencies beyond typical hearing assessments without established Decibels Hearing Level (dB HL) standards, so results at these frequencies cannot be readily compared to traditional audiometric results.

ARIA Reference Edition License

Coming in Q2 2024


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